University of Malta Rowing Club

The University of Malta Rowing Club (affiliated with Malta Rowing Association), is a University of Malta Senate recognised student organisation founded in 2015.

The scope of our Club is to promote rowing in all all its forms within the University of Malta community, provide training to our rowers and participate in the national and international rowing events. This present Club aspires to re-establish the culture of rowing within the University of Malta, a tradition which used to be very strong up to the 1980’s.

The Club also aims to promote the sport of rowing, particularly Olympic style sliding-seat rowing, to a wider cohort of the Maltese population. For this purpose, the Club has acquires two 8+ boats from the University of Oxford’ Exeter College Boat Club with help received from FISA. These are the first Olympic style rowing boats which have been acquired by a rowing club in Malta.

We strive to significantly improve the rowing experience of our athletes by creating an environment where our young rowers can not enjoy their sport, but also develop their teamwork and leadership skills through sport in a relaxed yet competitive environment.

If you wish to get in contact with our Club, please contact us or approach a member of our Committee.


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